Flower Pots

by Kim McLean

Yes please, if you would put the photograph into your page, I don’t think too many people have seen this quilt outside Sydney.

It has gone down to Melbourne for the Australian Quilt Convention at the end of this week as part of exhibition of my quilts.

With Kim McLean’s permission, here goes…!!!  Enjoy!!!  : )  What a TREAT!

Posted with much twinkle toe delight!!!  : )  THANKS for sharing this Kim!!!

Piecefully, Pam

AQC in Melbourne, AU



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4 responses to “Flower Pots

  1. Simply gorgeous, I love the vintage look to it. I am hoping to get to aqc tomorrow to see this one! Thanks for sharing Kim’s beautiful creation xo

  2. sewpam63

    This is the ORIGINAL Flower Pots quilt, made by Kim. : ) The photo/quilt that is pictured on the Glorious Color website and with the Flower Pots pattern was made by Kim’s friend, Sue Belzacki. Due to the low contrast in Kim’s quilt it was decided that Sue’s Flower Pots quilt photographed better. Interesting, huh?! I LOVE the soft vintage feel of Kim’s quilt. It was a surprise!!!

  3. What a treat, I see it’s a different quilt to the one at Glorious Color and much softer in coloring. Thank you Kim, it’s beautiful.

  4. Thankyou so much for posting. Just love the quilt and those gorgeous Kaffe colours. Sure wish that I could have made it to AQC

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