Hanging sleeve tutorial

1. I make the hanging sleeve as I prepare the quilt backing or quilt sandwich.  I cut my hanging sleeve fabric 8 1/2 inches wide and 2 inches shorter than the width of the quilt.  I’ve learned to make the hanging sleeve as I’m working with the quilt backing so it is prepared and ready when I need it!

2. Hem both short ends of the hanging sleeve by folding over each short end a quarter of an inch and press, fold again and press.  With an edge stitch foot, hem the short ends of the sleeve along the folded edge.

3. Fold the sleeve in half lengthwise and press.

4. Open the sleeve with the wrong side facing up.  Choose one long side of the hanging sleeve and fold the raw edge to the center crease.  Press.

5. Baste a straight line of stitching along that newly folded and pressed crease by stitching approximately an eighth of an inch away from this new crease.  This line of stitching will eventually be removed.  I create a little pleat or tuck which provides ease and ‘give’ to the sleeve to accommodate the hanging rod/dowel/pipe that may be slipped through the sleeve for hanging.  That little tuck provides space for the rod without causing any distortion to the front of the quilt once it is hung.  ; )

6. Prior to adding the binding, pin or glue baste the hanging sleeve in position.  (*NOTE:  the basted pleat/tuck must be visible and not facing the back of the quilt!!!)  The raw edges of the hanging sleeve will be sewn in place on the back of the quilt as the binding is being sewn to the front of the quilt!

7. Once the binding is completed, the bottom of the hanging sleeve can be whip stitched into place.  After this is done, the basting stitch which created the pleat or tuck can be removed.  And, you’re finished with that hanging sleeve!  : )

Hanging sleeve with the basted pleat/tuck. It has been machine sewn it place and the binding is being whip stitched to the quilt back.


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  1. It’s only recently I started doing the sleeve with the binding, so much neater I think. I like to do a sleeve with all my big quilts in case they get hung one day. Your instructions are very clear.

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