Testing, testing, one, two…

Scott is so sensible.  Wise beyond his years.  I’m making petals, not sure how this is going to work and he says, “Maybe you should do a test block before you make hundreds of leaves.”  Geez, I didn’t think of doing that.  OK.  THAT’S a really good idea!

Piecefully, Pam



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9 responses to “Testing, testing, one, two…

  1. Amy McGrady

    That is absolutely gorgeous! I love the sketch showing the pattern laid out. I can’t wait to see it finished! I absolutely LOVE appliqué. This might just be a project I could tackle (on a small scale!)

  2. Scott is wise!! Your block looks wonderful Pam, I love the colours you have chosen, especially that green background xo

  3. Very pretty — great colors!

  4. Jean Burke

    pretty cool…..can’t wait to see more…piece.

  5. It looks lovely and so very cute in a smaller size.

  6. It is just lovely! That is one of the things that I always do is to make a test block. It is great to see how it goes together. Yours is going to be beautiful!

  7. debby Kemball

    Love this! Love the colours. Love the background. Leaning towards linen? Fab. This is going to be guaranteed gorgeous. I am very excited about it! Good idea!

  8. I hope the finished project doesn’t require too many blocks….you’ll be making them for a very long time! The draft looks good….

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