Pressing matters.

To make slender pointed two inch petals that converge requires a bit of precision. Using needle turn would cause me to pull my hair out.  I NEED six petal points to meet – exactly.  No wiggle room or fudging.  I don’t care to use fusible materials if I have another option.  So, it requires a bit of time and patience, but I am using a Templar, Magic Sizing, Elmer’s School glue technique.  For this to be successful two of my MOST important tools are my iron and my pressing surface.

I have two small, homemade, portable pressing surfaces that I use.  Presently, I am using the larger dark blue board.  These are simple leftover scrap pieces of lumbar that have been wrapped in one layer of batting then covered with denim. The denim is stapled into place with a staple gun.  Simple.  Easy.  Very doable and such a help to me!!!  I can TURN, shift, move, rotate the pressing surface to suit the angle I need to press.  I do NOT have to lift the applique shape itself.  I LOVE that!!!  It prevents the shape from distorting or my Templar from coming out of allignment.  These little pressing surfaces are a minor miracle for me and my creation of these slender petals, or any Templar applique shape for that matter.

The other REALLY helpful tool is my iron.  I have used a variety of irons.  From the little Clover iron to a regular full size iron to these smaller portable irons.  I should also mention I am REALLY hard on an iron.  I have chosen to use a smaller portable travel size iron because it affords me greater precision and dexterity over a full size iron.  I have gravitated away from the Clover iron because the travel iron can sit (by itself) on an applique shape without me having to hold it and press.  This means I can have my hands free to prep the next piece and I can set up a little assembly line of …petals, circles, leaves, whatever!

So, here is a photo of my mini pressing boards and my (current) travel iron.  Petal pressing:  step one.  ; )

Piecefully, Pam



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6 responses to “Pressing matters.

  1. Dear Pam, I just discovered your blog through one of those blogger breadcrumb trails, fun getting here, I must say. I am looking for a source where I may purchase the Stars and Sprigs pattern. I know Glorious Color is carrying her patterns, but not this one. Can you advise me? I appreciate any help you might offer. Thanks a lot, Michele

    • sewpam63

      Michele – I believe this pattern is due to be released. It is my understanding that it will be available on the Glorious Color website in the not too distant future. So, keep a watchful eye! ; ) And, I’m glad to know you found your way to my blog! You’re always welcome here!!!

  2. Consuelo

    This looks like another “Drive Me Crazy” quilt!! Still not getting the relaxing, fun part….

  3. I think you must have more patience than I do! Thanks for sharing the photo of the boards and the iron. I hadn’t thought of using a travel iron.

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