I spray some Magic Sizing or pour some Best Press into a little cup, turn my iron to a medium dry heat setting, choose a petal and get ready…see the coffee cup?My iPod is playing too!  ; )

Dab a little bit of Elmer's School glue on the seam allowance at the petal points and just below the points.

Place the Templar petal template onto the fabric, hold it in place and paint the upper seam allowance with Magic Sizing or Best Press.

Use the paintbrush to 'sweep' the seam allowance toward the Templar to help it fold up and over the template.

Props to my mentors…Karen Kay Buckley, Sharon Schamber, Jane Townswick and Becky Goldsmith!  : )

Piecefully, Pam

P.S.  Happy Cinco de Mayo!  And, it’s a Bunny Hill kind of Snowbound day today too!


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  1. I just soak up all the infrormation on how to tackle things in quilting. I eagerly await part two.

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