Revised: Petal pushing.

Let’s finish a petal, shall we?!  Once completed, there will be no raw edges showing.  You will have a finished petal with turned edges that is suitable for applique – hand or machine. These will keep indefinitely as long as they stay dry. I store mine in a small plastic container with a tight fitting lid. Oh!…keeping them dry reminded me of something…if you are unhappy with the petal, at any point in the process, simply wet it and begin again!  You may wet it with water, Magic Sizing or Best Press.

Piecefully, Pam

Heat set the Elmer's School glue at both petal points.

The points have been heat set, but the seam allowance along the petal edge needs to be 'starched, pressed and heat set' next.

Hold the petal points in place with your fingertips. With your other hand, dip the brush in Magic Sizing or Best Press and once again, 'sweep' the seam allowance up and over the Templar template.

Use the edge of the iron to help nudge the seam allowance up over the template, and move your fingertips out of the way!

Once the iron has dried and heat set the petal, this is what the petal will look like.

Fold those tabs or flanges back onto themselves.

SEE that POINT?! Dab it with a bit of Magic Sizing or Best Press and sit the iron right ON that tip to dry and heat set that point!

Heat set the petal point.

After folding back the flanges and heat setting both points, this is what you get!

Pop out the Templar petal template.

You may choose to glue the seam allowance with Elmer's School glue and then heat set it, or not.

Here is a finished petal. HOORAY!!!


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