Folk Art Friday.

Could you guess from my previous post that I have an interest in Janet Bolton?  I VERY much like folk art.  Of any kind…antique, traditional, contemporary, modern and my interest in folk art is (sew) NOT limited to American folk art!!!

During a discussion about folk art at last night’s dinner table I was surprised and enlightened by Scott’s responses.  May I ask you, when I say the words, “folk art” what do you immediately think of?  What do you see in your mind’s eye?  How do you define folk art?  And, do you like folk art too, or not so much…?  Would you mind sharing your thoughts?  I am really interested in hearing what YOU have to say on the topic?!?!?!  Thanks!  ; )

Enjoy your Friday!

Piecefully, Pam

P.S.  Be still my heart…have you seen this?!



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2 responses to “Folk Art Friday.

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  2. When I think of folk art, I think primitive… usually. The colors are mostly darker or muted. Don’t know why that is what pops into my head. But I know it is much broader to define than that. And yes, I have seen Soul Blossoms. It is on order for my online shop!! Can’t wait to get it, but it will be a while, set for a fall release.

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