Being at

widdershins.  That’s me.  For a variety of reasons.  I can not make a commitment nor dedicate time to beginning a major new sewing project.  That said, I must, mUsT, MUST sew or do something sewing EVERY day!!!

Do you remember the stars from scraps post I did a while back?  Having something prepped and ready to sew.  Something that is easy.  Portable.  Small. This is what I’ve been doing and if fills my NEED…

We are having spectacular weather!!!  Enjoy your Saturday and take a few stitches when you can.  ; )

Piecefully, Pam


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One response to “Being at

  1. love that word! Thanks for the link to the definition! I often (always???) feel that way, and while knowing I should be doing something, will grab something else to start. Your stars quilt is fabulous – I take it you are hand appliquing them?
    I am getting more and more to the point of needing to sew most days, doesn’t always happen, but I’m trying!

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