Meet Agatha!!!

She is what was inside that small black box I posted earlier in the week.  I am (twinkle toed peeing myself) ThRiLlEd with her!  I have been checking craigslist regularly for the past umteen years.

About four years ago we bought a little Featherweight for Momma Barb.  Her Mother-In-Law taught her how to sew on one and we thought it would make a nice gift for Barb. This week I was lucky enough to find a little Featherweight of my very own.

Agatha sewed when I got her, but she was sluggish and needed some gentle care. I spent yesterday morning and last evening taking her apart to clean, oil and grease her.  Then I put her all back together.  It was a little nerve wracking. Today there was just a bit of tweaking and one minor correction. Now she’s sewing beautifully!!!  Agatha is a dream come true.  : )

Thanks for allowing me to share!

Piecefully, Pam



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4 responses to “Meet Agatha!!!

  1. Jean Burke

    All the best to both of you – she’s very cute!!!

  2. What a treasure. I need mine serviced but I don’t have the grease so I may take it to the shop. Did you name it after your grandmother as seems to be the custom.

  3. How brave of you to dissassemble & re-assemble your new little friend!!! I, too, learned to sew on my Mama’s Featherweight. I still have it, although haven’t used it in ages. I’d never part with her tho!

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