A Kim McLean kind

of day!  : )  I am posting a NEWS FLASH!!!  Kim McLean has THREE new patterns due for release!

1. Roseville Album – I believe this was done as an ode to Baltimore Album style quilts.

2. Sprigs and Stars – which Janet of quiltsalott blog fame is currently stitching!  Wowser!!!  ; )

3. Flower Garden – to be done in conjunction with classes Kim, Kaffe and Brandon are set to  teach in Australia in early 2011.

Roseville Album, and Stars and Sprigs should be available here within the next week or so.  Flower Garden is not set for release until early 2011.

So…sew, get busy and keep a watchful eye for Kim’s latest patterns!?  And, if you haven’t seen this, it is definitely worth a peek!  Absolutely breathtaking!!!  It looks like Ann is ready for the next pattern…!?  ; )

Enjoy your day and the stitches you make.

Piecefully, Pam



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8 responses to “A Kim McLean kind

  1. I have a shop in Oklahoma and I am interesed in the flower pot pattern. Can you tell me where I can get patterns. I would like to do this as a BOM in my shop. Thanks so much.

  2. isabella

    hello could you please help me with trying to find a pattern for a quilt called STARS i saw this quilt on display at the melbourne Vic. AQC 2010 and was made by Kim Mclean , i think it was a copy of an antique quilt. I bought The Fabric of Society book by Dr. Annette Gero thinking pattern would be in it, love the book but was very disappointed to see that it was not.I did take a photo and should be able to work things out, but if other quilters are like me, i do like a pattern to go by. I have tried many websites and am now lost as what to do , hope you can help. Isabella

    • Mariko Coplin

      I saw Kim’s quilt from AQC 2010 which was titled as New york beauty bit with red and orange pomegranate on the Quilt Mania Magazine. I LOVE the pattern and looking for it. Anyway that I can get hold of it?

  3. Gimpy Cat

    Beautiful patterns and so cheerful. Thanks for linking to Anns blog, her quilt is simply stunning and deserves to be seen. I hope she makes another quilt, cant wait to see whats coming

  4. amy

    Trying not to hold my breath while I wait. I have some background set aside for a Kim McLean design…now I’ll have to decide which one. New? Old? The suspense is killing me. 😉

  5. I can’t wait to see Kim’s latest patterns! I love her designs. 🙂

  6. That is exciting news! Thanks!

  7. Lets all get those needles ready, exciting stuff! Ann’s quilt is fantastic and the quilting on it, leaves me breathless.

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