BQF Spring 2010

Amy has done it again!  Make a cup of tea, prop your feet up and enjoy this amazing virtual quilt festival!!!  ; )  Thanks for dropping by here to see my quilt!  I’m glad you did.

Here’s my entry…Pieceful Patchwork Primer.  This was one of my earliest quilts.  I used a Kim Diehl pattern featured in an issue of American Patchwork and Quilting.  I wanted to practice piecing and applique, and I thought this would be an excellent learning opportunity.  Plus, I just fell in love with Kim‘s design.

Once I began the quilt, my husband felt it necessary to point out that each flower has eleven pieces – to applique.  And, there are 26 flowers!!! That’s…uh?!  Stop right there!  I’m NOT listening (fingers in my ears La-La-La-La-La)!!!

If you’re counting, there are 22 flowers on my borders.  Yep, ’cause I inadvertently reversed the top/bottom borders with the side borders when I marked them for applique.  I didn’t know that until 22 flowers had been appliqued!!!  I was such a newb!

WHAT to do?!?!?!  Because of the spacing of the appliqued flowers the borders could not be returned to their correct position.  Oh no…?!

I did NOT want to un-applique ALL those pieces!!! And, I did NOT want to give up and toss this into a drawer.  I needed a creative solution to my problem. Hmmm, I stewed on this conundrum for several weeks…  Kindly, Gail Kessler from Ladyfingers Sewing Studio suggested enlarging the 9 patch blocks in the body of the quilt for use in the corners.  She said, “So as to not call too much attention to them, choose soft, light colors.”  She helped me cure my quilt!  What a GREAT learning opportunity this experience was.  I’m glad I didn’t give up, and I sure do appreciate Gail’s wisdom!  ; )

Enjoy visiting the myriad of blogs and ogling the beautiful quilts!!!  Thanks for dropping by here and looking at mine.  : )  I’m looking forward to coming home from work this evening and browsing my way through the Blogger’s Quilt Festival too.  : )  Thanks once again, Amy and all!!!

Piecefully Pam



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38 responses to “BQF Spring 2010

  1. Ah so! The signs were all there early on! This is so striking! It’s similar to what I’m doing with my Tisket ‘a Tasket blocks—-remember them?! Still crawling along……Love the solution to the corner problem—proof, once again, that mistakes are nothing more than design opportunities in disguise!

  2. sewpam63

    Thanks so/sew much to those who have dropped by to view my entry. I appreciate each comment. They are gifts and pleasant surprises in my day. : ) What FUN this Blogger’s Quilt Festival has been!!!

  3. It’s beautiful! I never would have known the corners weren’t that way in the pattern 🙂 Thanks so much for participating!

  4. wonderful quilt!! what a lot of work and how fun to know about our trials–thanks for sharing!!

  5. What a lovely springtime quilt-you did a great job hiding the floral mistake (well until you told everyone)… Can’t go wrong with irish chain & flowers
    Come see my antique quilt entries

  6. Love the quilt and the creative corners!

  7. Spectacular quilt. Lovely fabrics, colors and design. You did a great job! Definitely an heirloom quilt.


  8. Oh, wow! This is one beautiful quilt….I love it. I love everything about it!
    If you have time, you can visit my entry HERE.

  9. It’s stunning quilt. Traditional with extras. I love the color too, so fresh and happy. Thanks also for visiting my blog – Hugs Nat

  10. Beautiful quilt! I love your border solution!

  11. Very, very, very nice quilt!!! Good work!!! Happy Festival!

  12. I absolutely loved this quilt.

  13. Mary

    wow..if this is an early quilt, you must be doing fantastic stuff now! My early quilts looked like something a child might make. I still can’t applique very well. You did a wonderful job on this. I really love the colors.

  14. What a clever solution to your applique dilemma- your quilt is lovely and is unique . Your color choices are wonderful too.
    Enjoy your festival experience – Hope you meet many new blogging friends on your journey.
    Regards from a Western Canadian quilter,

  15. sewshesews

    That is stunning! I am glad that you went for it even though there were tons of pieces to make. It is just wonderful!

  16. Amy

    One of my favorites so far. (aviva_hadas on flickr)

  17. Simply gorgeous! Love the colours you have used.

  18. Thanks for stopping by my blog. This is a great quilt. I love the solution.
    It looks completely intentional and perfect to me!

  19. It’s funny how those unplanned design changes often work out for the best.

  20. very nice. love the borders and the varied color ways.

  21. You did an awesome job! and those inadvertant mixups are what make our quilts unique…I love, love, love Kim Diehl and have admired & pondered this quilt for some time now…thanks for sharing it!!

  22. It looks perfect to me!

  23. I would never know that you made that mistake. I think it looks super. A really nice quilt.

  24. I bought that magazine precisely because of this quilt! Now, if you hadn’t have told us, I never would have noticed the “mistake.” This is an absolutely lovely quilt.

  25. What a glorious quilt – and such a happy “cure”!

  26. I love your quilt!! Absolutely magnificent!

  27. Wow great quilt! And what a great solution to your dilemma! It’s beautiful 🙂

  28. Lovely, lovely quilt! I so enjoy the scrappiness and the applique is outstanding. If you hadn’t told us you’d made an error, we’d have never known. 🙂 The quilt is perfect.

  29. It’s a beautiful quilt.

  30. Anne

    It’s gorgeous and I love the solution you came up with!

  31. What a gorgeous quilt, I love the background on this one. You would never know it got changed. Someone always comes up with a good idea if we just ask.

  32. It’s fantastic! The slights flaws just make it more unique and special! And nobody but you will ever notice…

  33. Happier Than A Pig in Mud

    This is an amazing quilt! The design and colors are just so happy!

  34. Even though there was a slight problem, the end results are phenomenal! This quilt is a stunner!

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  36. I love the use of colour in this quilt, beautiful!

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