Turtle. Turtle.

Jingle discovered a turtle this morning at the beginning of our walk.  The turtle was ACTUALLY tucked into low pine boughs.  Jingle shows me the most AMAZING things!!!  He teaches me how to live life like a dog – in the HERE and NOW!!!  Be present in your life to receive the gifts each day brings.  I LOVE him!!!  Who’da thunk I could learn SO much from a DOG…?!?!?!

Anyway, when we got back from our walk, the turtle was on the move.  There is a big creek down behind where Momma Barb lives and the turtle was headed that direction…

Piecefully, Pam



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2 responses to “Turtle. Turtle.

  1. Haha…take time to smell the….Turtles? 😉

  2. How gorgeous, sometimes I think I’d love the life of a dog, lol. The turtle is better than the poisonous snake my last dog found on a walk once.

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