The most amazing


Yesterday.  Friday.  Early evening, The Mermaid was delivered!!!  I talked with Bonnie four times, and her husband, George, once.  It was a wonderful event!!! We have worked with Bonnie for two years on this project.  I set aside (pin) money regularly so this could be affordable.  This began as a gift for Scott.  Two years.

During this past Fall and early Winter Bonnie sent sketches.  We would return them to her with our thoughts and suggestions.  Then she said, “This is it.  It’s in my hands now and you’ll have to trust me.”  We never would have embarked on this journey if we didn’t trust her!  : )

It has been a VERY interesting relationship.  Scott and I have NEVER done anything like this before.  This is a first and probably an only in our lives.  I can’t quite explain it, but Bonnie’s work speaks to us – to our souls, our hearts and our intellect.  United AND independently.

The Mermaid will be named by Scott.  EVERYTHING in our household has a name.  The dwarf Granny Smith apple tree in our front yard is Amy.  My first (angel) wall hanging quilt is Janelle, my sewing machines are named, etc.

Thankfully, The Mermaid arrived in perfect condition.  She was packed with great care!!!  She will go to our framer (Andrea) for glass.  The Mermaid is matted and framed, but there was no glass incase of mishap during shipping.  So, once she has the plastic removed we’ll get a better view. We can hardly wait!!!  I’ll get a better photograph then!

Andrea has done a number of projects for us.  Some of them have been quite extraordinary.  It will be interesting to see what she has to say about The Mermaid, and it will be good to see her again.

Did you notice the sidewalk waves from the slideshow???  Scott and Jingle, while walking Friday morning, found a piece of blue sidewalk chalk in the street. Unbeknownst to me, Scott drew and colored the waves on our front walk…”So, The Mermaid could find her way and know this place was to be her home…” My God I LOVE him!!!

While The Mermaid looks like a watercolor with some pen and ink work she is completely done by paper collage.  She is AMAZING.  Her pieces are layered and fit together like a puzzle.  The words surrounding The Mermaid are ALL individually cut from paper.  The scales on her tail?  One hundred and sixty hand cut scales!  Each embellished with a hand cut silver highlight.  Made from paper.

Today, Scott and I had an afternoon celebration.  : )  We toasted The Mermaid and talked about her voyage.  What a journey… Bonnie and George are about to begin their own voyage.  Tomorrow they are leaving Vero Beach Florida for Albuquerque, New Mexico.  A new life adventure.  God speed and safe travels!!!

Piecefully, Pam



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3 responses to “The most amazing

  1. What a wonderful experience! I’m looking forward to seeing her!

  2. Jean Burke

    Such a cool story – thanks for sharing. Awaiting her name…….piece.

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