Today’s the

day…  I am waiting here at home for a delivery.  Wringing my hands, praying and worrying.  Our Mermaid is scheduled to be delivered by Brown.  Today. They’re usually not in our neighborhood until 6 P.M.  It’s the waiting that’s the worst.

So, in a gutsy move, I’ve decided to bust out my Oakshotts!!!  I’ve mentioned that I am working on an original design.  It will include piecing AND applique. I’d like to choose an Oakshott cotton for the background.  I’ve looked at the color card.  I’ve glanced at my Oakshott stash.  And, I’ve pondered the colors and fabrics I’ve chosen thus far.  It’s been weeks…of NOT choosing and NOT moving forward with this project.  It’s oh so easy…just like NOT exercising.

Since I’m captive and needing to occupy myself with other important things.  Here is what I have decided this far…(excuse the interruption, Brown has just pulled up outside!!!  Hit pause.)

These are the colors and fabrics I'm working with and considering...

This is the border I've decide on, and LOOK at the backing fabric I pulled from my stash!?

Mitered Boxes I've made this morning.

Back to our regularly scheduled programming…

Piecefully, Pam


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