A snapshot

of my day…

It’s sunny with a strong breeze here today.  Just gorgeous!!!  I am painting the exterior of the front door today.  The other day was the exterior of the back door. Both doors had been painted dark green.  RED is a real change and we’re liking it so far.  I will venture to say we like it so much that the interior of both doors will be painted red as well.  : )  But…the front door will have a coat of aqua paint under the red, and the red will be distressed in areas to show the aqua.  We’ll see how it turns out.  I’m anxious!!!

I made bruschetta last evening (just the tomato part, no bread).  It is SO simple to make and SO delicious. It’s a FAB recipe for using garden goodness.  Bruschetta with a nice piece of cheese and a sourdough roll was lunch.  It tasted so good that it just may be dinner too – with a nice glass of wine!!!

I hope you are enjoying your day too!  : )

Piecefully, Pam


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One response to “A snapshot

  1. The aqua is going to be pretty peeking from under the red. I attempted a two color distressed finish and ended up doing a little dry brushing to get the under color to show enough. Too much sanding and you’re through both colors. 😉
    Are you doing a crackle technique..or sanding through?

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