a color palette…?  How do you select fabrics and colors for a quilt project?  Do you buy a kit?  Do you use stash?  Do you buy a pattern and make fabric selections at that time?  Is there a blending of all of these as you begin a new quilt?

I have a stash.  I launder all of my fabrics before sewing with them.  For me, when I’m ready to sew, it’s RIGHT NOW!!!  I do not have the patience to run to the store, make selections, buy, then bring the fabrcis home to launder.  That kills my enthusisiam.  Meanwhile, sitting on my shelves, I allow my fabrics to sort of ‘speak’ with me.  Crazy, huh…?!

I have ideas swirling in my head.  Colors and fabrics playing together.  Things that look lovely in my mind’s eye.  ; )  Then there’s my list of projects and quilts for ‘some day’…

I have some fabrics that are very precious to me.  Maria, from Primrose Gradiations, passed away a few years ago.  I LOVE my little stash of her fabrcis. Milly, from Milly’s Country Cottons.  She has retired.  Then there are my Oakshotts.  At least they are still available – albeit not easy for me to get.

I have ALWAYS loved and admired red and green quilts.  You know, the antique Christmas quilts!  I’m going to give it a whirl!?!?!?

I have decided to make Kim McLean’s Roseville Album quilt in the style of an antique Christmas quilt.  My colors will be reds and greens, mostly.  ; )  Done on a black background.  I also have decided, I WILL cut into those very precious fabrics…

Piecefully, Pam


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3 responses to “Choosing

  1. sewpam63

    I will add to this, of course, but it’s my starting point. ; ) I actually LOVE to choose fabrics for a project, and tend to dislike using kits. For me, the difficult part is cutting fabrics I adore…

  2. I love your idea of a red and green version of Kim Mc Lean’s new quilt.
    I usually take ages to decide on colours for my quilts. Sometimes, if it is a huge quilt with lots of different fabrics (like the Morrell Quilt) I go with what the designer has chosen. It would take me so long to decide on fabrics the quilt would never get started.

  3. Your fabrics are gorgeous colours, they remind me of the Reece Scannell shot cottons I just drool over.
    I do all of the above and I play plus and minus with my fabrics as I go along but I do know that having a stash to kick off is vital.

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