Do you remember this

post?  I believe folk art to be art in it’s most distilled and honest form.  Folk art is p-u-r-e.  It is unpretentious.  It is GENIUS.

When I think folk art, I think Grandma Moses, ugly jugs, whirlygigs, Gee’s Bend, weather vanes, QUILTS!  I see simple forms and shapes.  Bold colors.  Years of utilitarian service and a loved patina.  I see works created with much care and skill.  Objects brimming with love and full of spirit!

LOOK at the feet!!!  Aren’t they GREAT?!?!?!  I would not have thought to include bird feet in a quilt design.  But, to me, it’s THAT kind of detail, that bit of UNexpected WOW-EE-KA-ZOW-EE that makes me LOVE Kim McLean’s designs.  : )  Oh, this Roseville Album pattern is chock full of wonder, surprises and delight.  I am still swooning…

Get ready, ’cause when your pattern arrives, and you open it up, you’re going to be in for a FABULOUS treat!!!  Believe me.  Sit down before opening.  ; )

Piecefully, Pam



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4 responses to “Do you remember this

  1. Well, after this post and went and ordered the Roseville Album quilt pattern! 🙂

  2. I love that folk art has no relation to scale. I can live with a piece of fruit that’s bigger than a cow, lol. I’m all for the funny shapes too. I guess we’re going to get a peek soon, can’t wait.

  3. I love your thinking! Thanks for motivating me to pull out a an old project and continue working.

  4. LOL — your excitement is contagious 🙂

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