This is the beginning

of my Roseville Album journey.

I have chosen to start with the long rectangular panel on the left.  The one with squirrels and a cat.  I traced the pattern onto Pattern Ease.  Because I am using a black background, the Pattern Ease tracing will be my guide for placing applique shapes onto my black background fabric.  I do not like using the upholstery vinyl for this purpose.  It sticks to itself, and the permanent marker rub off.  I can’t take that risk, as I KNOW this traced pattern will get a LOT of wear and tear!!!

Next, I trace the applique shapes from the ‘squirrel panel’ onto freezer paper. These templates will become my applique shapes.  I’ll use poster putty to ‘hold’ each freezer paper template in place on the pattern, so I can be clear about what templates I made and which I still need to make.  These templates will be carefully cut from the freezer paper, as these shapes will translate into the fabric applique shapes.  They need to be accurate.  ; )

Then, I will begin the process of selecting fabrics, pressing the freezer paper to the RIGHT side, tracing around the template and cutting out the fabric shapes. For me, that’s when the REAL fun begins!!!

So…sew, here goes!!!

If you are interested in doing this project too and you’d like to join me in this endeavor and share the Roseville Album journey, please let me know!  You may leave a comment or email me.  I have considered setting up a blog/website dedicated to this quilt project.  Perhaps something similar to the Civil War Bride

Making my traced pattern copy.

Freezer paper templates are traced, cut and poster puttied into position. Sans leaves.

Whew!  Deep breath.  You can eat an elephant one bite at a time.  I/we can sew this quilt one stitch at a time.  Have faith and patience.

: )

Piecefully, Pam



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6 responses to “This is the beginning

  1. I’m just green with envy Pam! I can’t wait to see the first stitches. 🙂

  2. I have ordered the pattern and can’t wait to get started. I would do the roseville album with you! Should be fun.

  3. Consuelo

    Three comments come to mind. The first….”OY”. Spoken quite emphatically I might add. The second…”When will you find time to feed the hummingbirds?”. Finally….”Your finished quilt is going to be spectacular!”

    Have at it girlfriend!!!!

  4. It is tempting to join you!

  5. I can tell that you are totally absorbed by how much you’re getting done, it even looks good in freezer paper. Will you use the pattern ease to place the pieces underneath it like an overlay?
    The other question I have is will you set up a blog for just the Roseville or any of Kim’s designs given that more will be released later?

  6. Good luck! You have made great progress already!

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