Friday = Folk Art

The other day in my post about folk art, and how Kim’s Roseville Album pattern strikes my folk art fancy, I failed to mention the word whimsy.  Whimsy is one of my most FAVORITE words.  Whimsy.  Folk art, as I see it, comes from an object made for everyday use, but the maker/ARTIST creates the piece with style! Instead of being austere or stern in their approach, the maker imparts a sense of humor, fun and style that imbues the object with whimsy.  Just because the weathervane needs to be functional, it need NOT be boring.

Baltimore Album quilts, while VERY beautiful, to me are rather boring.  I appreciate the work(wo)manship and precision of execution.  But you know what you’re going to see…each time you look at a Baltimore Album quilt.  They are balanced, symmetrical, formal, and dare I say rigid…?  They follow a prescribed and dictated formula which defines their style.  Leaving little to no room for whimsy.

My mind’s eye and definition of folk art seem to be the reason Kim McLean’s designs ‘speak’ to me!  Her art makes my soul sing and my heart dance!  Here’s a look at those feet…

May your day have a bit of whimsy too…?!  ; )

Piecefully, Pam



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6 responses to “Friday = Folk Art

  1. Jenny McH

    I could not agree more ~ Folk art quilts come from the heart & soul of the creative quiltmaker. I look forward to following your progress with your Roseville Album quilt. Also a friend has just bought the pattern and I look forward to following her progress as well. from Jenny (Australia)

  2. I agree..the Baltimores are very rigid and formal. They almost say..”don’t touch me”? I find myself liking the folk art style a lot more.
    Whimsy..that’s a good description! 🙂

  3. Dear Pam, I would much appreciate a little email brainstorm session with you re Kaffe fabrics. I have many questions, as I’ve been collecting these in mostly 1/2 yard increments, but haven’t used them for a big project yet. I’ve accumulated about 100, and wonder if that is going to be anywhere near enough for the fussy cutting required. So many of the prints have a huge repeat, and a half yard doesn’t really show the design sufficiently, but they are among the most expensive in the market and I really can’t afford to by yardage, and still get enough variety. Could you please email me at with any comments or helpful tips you might have to offer. Thanks so much, and have a wonderful 4th. Michele

  4. Yes, whimsy! A most important element.

  5. Pam, All I can think of when I see your picture is that gross out kids’ song with the lyrics, “dirty little birdies’ feet”.

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