Making progress…

There are a LOT of pieces.  Reaching the fabric selection and beginning to stitch phase is WoNdErFuL!!!  : )  Here are some pieces I have prepped, soon to be ready to sew!  I press the freezer paper template onto the RIGHT side of the fabric and trace around the template with a mechanical pencil.  Keeping the freezer paper in place, I cut out the fabric shape.  Then, if I can find a rather straight edge somewhere along that applique shape (still with the freezer paper template in position) I finger press the seam allowance, press it with my iron and even glue baste that seam allowance to the back!!!  It gives me a very clear “finished” edge to use for placement and a starting point for stitching too.  ; )  I’ve taken some photos of this process, but they’re a little difficult to see if you don’t know what you’re looking at…

Traced and cut applique shapes.

"Straight" edges of these shapes have been turned and glue basted (not the squirrel though). The freezer paper templates are still on the fronts, I am showing you what the leaves and stems look like from the back.

Same shapes from the front.

Using the Pattern Ease overlay to place the squirrel on my background.

Glue basting the squirrel into position.

Prepped and ready to SEW!

Happy Holiday weekend!  Be safe.  Stitch!  ; )

Piecefully, Pam


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2 responses to “Making progress…

  1. Looking good! I love your choice of black for the background. 🙂

  2. Christine

    Hi Pam, I have just ordered this pattern and would be very interested in being part of a blog or chat group dedicated to people making this quilt. It is a stunner and I am really looking forward to receiving my pattern.

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