Taking stitches.

Good morning and HaPpY 4th of July to you!!!  Anne Sutton, from Bunny Hill, is starting off my day with a BANG!!!  She’s posted the next Snowbound block a day early!  ; )

I wanted to share some pix of me taking and making my hand applique stitches.

My needle goes in the background fabric just behind and a smidge below the shape I am appliqueing.

I bring my needle up and catch a couple threads just at the folded edge of the applique shape.

I push the needle through with my thimbled finger...that thimble preserves the integrity of my fingertip!!!

Here's a look at my applique stitches. I am folding the background away so you might see them a bit more clearly.

And, here's my pussy cat helper in a liquid state stretched across the back of my chair!

And, the puppy dog puddle at the foot of my chaise...this work is SEW tiring!

Happy belated birthday, Consuelo.  : )  And, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AMERICA!!!

Piecefully, Pam



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3 responses to “Taking stitches.

  1. Your stitching is perfect, great close up shots. I hope you enjoyed the long weekend. Guess where I went today to see two quilts by our favourite designer?

  2. Your stitches are beautiful…and it’s so sweet how your fur babies keep you company while sewing. 🙂

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