I am painting the interior of our front door today.  Remember this?  Well today I am trying to decided if I want to leave the door aqua.  I REALLY like it!!!  Or, should it match the exterior?

Here’s something new for me, I am looking for a bike.  Preferably a commuter/cruiser bike.  I do not have a good history with bikes and biking, but this is something I NEED to embrace.  So, I’ve been web educating myself, and went to my first real bike store today.  A Trek Wasabi was recommended.  What kind of bike do you have?  What kind of riding do you do? What kind of bike would you suggest?  I am expecting my bike to be dependable transportation – to and from work, to and from the Beach, for groceries, errands and such.  The terrain is flat.  Most trips would be less than five miles one way, more like five miles round trip.  Did you see those Wasabi colors…?!  Oh my, decisions, decisions.  ; )

Piecefully, Pam



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2 responses to “Aqua.

  1. I love red doors but the aqua looks great and blue is my favorite color. So I would have a hard time deciding! It seems I have heard of that bike before. Good luck! Sounds like changes are coming.

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