And nothing but.  Aren’t their colors amazing…?!  They make me smile.  I hope they make you smile too.  ; )

Following our unusually harsh Winter, this Summer has been hot as H-E- double hockey sticks!!!  At 6:00 A.M. it’s 84 degrees fahrenheit. The zinnias don’t seem to mind.  Walking Jingle, who’s wearing a fur coat, yeh, he minds.

From this afternoon through the end of August, we have some major events happening in our lives.  A lifelong dream is just around the corner.  Other situations have the potential to be life changing.  Some decisions have already been made which will shape our futures in ways we can’t yet imagine.  I feel hopeful, but hesitant.  It is exhilarating and nerve wracking at the same time.  I was always told the things I couldn’t do.  I will no longer hear that voice nor listen to those words, much less obey them.  I was never encouraged to dream.  That, my friends, is changing.  At almost 47 years of age I am scared, but I will not turn back.  There is such promise and it feels incredibly amazing to be hopeful and nurture a dream…for, it may indeed come true…?!  Please, take my hand.  Help me to believe.  I am weeping and afraid I may falter.  Tears of joy?  Tears of fear? Both?  I’m not certain.

Piecefully, Pam



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13 responses to “Zinnias.

  1. I will be praying for you Pam, sounds very intriguing, taking a risk is often hard, but also often very rewarding in the end. Thinking of you from Australia xo

  2. oh of course now you have me so curious as to whats happening! good luck!!!!
    the zinnias look beautiful
    our gardens here are really suffering from the heat…
    glad yours aren’t.

  3. Beautiful flowers – thanks for the smile – and may all your dreams come true.

  4. Pam, I thought I would just tell you how I made my design wall (I saw your draft). I bought 3 yds of 108″ muslin, hemmed the sides, and top, and made a casing on the bottom. My husband helped me put grommets along the top band. Then he bought a piece of baseboard the width of the muslin, and hammered in long headless nails every 3 inches or so. I can take the design wall down periodically for washing, and it is super sturdy. In the bottom casing, I insert a one inch strip of wood to keep everything hanging flat and smooth. It does take up one whole wall of my sewing room, but I would be lost w/o it. It looks brand new after about 14 years of constant use. I hope this helps. As to your upcoming changes……I will cross my fingers that they are all to the good. I have no idea what is happening there, but change can be wonderful, albeit frightening. Best of luck, Michele

  5. Jenny McH

    Take a deep breath, slowly exhale, then take that step forward and dare to believe. New experiences can only make you stronger and in the future you will cast your mind back and wonder why you doubted yourself. Best wishes for your new adventure!

  6. Beautiful zinnias.

    Live your dream!

  7. Linda Hall

    Take the terror, and rename it Excitement. These are exciting times for you AND me! We’ll ride it out together.
    Love those zinnias! Hugs. . .

  8. Janet

    I hope all your dreams come true and more. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. I’ve read some of your past blogs so I know it has not always been ade.
    PS Isn’t it amazing how zinnias (old maids) can thrive in over 100 temps?

  9. Jean Burke

    Realizing a dream is awesome – and can be a bit frightening at the same time. Now that I’ve accomplished it – what’s next? Do I get a new dream? What if the reality isn’t what I’d wished for? The questions can be troublesome – but, it is the journey that counts. Jump in, enjoy the experience – and you’ll have your best friend right beside you. What could be better than that? Piece….

  10. Ineke Marijnissen

    Pam may your dreams come true

    Ineke Marijnissen

  11. Changes are oftentimes scary…but always be on the lookout for a new challenge. It helps keep you young. It’s the journey that counts. The destination is a known entity, but getting there is where you find the excitement!! Good luck in wherever the road takes you.

  12. I know it’s scary but also exciting to be so close to your dream. Change is challenging even if it’s what you want.

  13. It’s me Pam, enjoy the excitement and anticipation. It’s all a journey and enjoy the ride, we’ll all share with you. I think I felt the same when I moved to Australia, not knowing what the outcome would be.
    I love the colours of the Zinnias, just like Gerberas, they have happy faces.

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