I made the laundry basket liner and clothespin bag. I LOVE them!!! : )
It came in the mail and I added MITERED borders! Thanks for YOUR help!!!
I received this amazing rainbow of delight in the post too. ; ) YUMMY!!!

More later.  I hope you’re enjoying your day.  Our weather is SPECTACULAR!!!

Picefully, Pam



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3 responses to “Pix.

  1. oh I love this quilt the blocks the stripes make is just so fun. That laundry basket is wonderful, wow memories just came flooding back!
    haven’t seen one of those in YEARS!
    in our next house we have to have a clothesline
    I love hanging towels and sheets outside

  2. Donna

    The mitered borders look great! (The colors really set off the quilt too.) And cute laundry basket (although for a second you scared me as I thought you had actually pieced a clamshell quilt for it in the little bad view I had, and I am already feeling inadequate enough with all the lovely things I see completed online 😉 Scrumptious fabrics–do you already have something in mind for them?

  3. Janet

    Love the laundry stuff, quilt and the rainbow of fabrics. I think of you when I cut more zinnias
    for the house. They are still blooming without rain
    just well water.

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