The colors

of Mother Nature can be SEW inspiring…

We are still holding.  I’ve not had much time for sewing this week, but amazing colors and designs swirl in my head! How ’bout this butterfly…browns, cream and periwinkle?  On a green background with a magenta accent and just a hint of gold?  Wouldn’t those colors look great in a quilt…?

Well, happy Friday to you! Enjoy your weekend.  We’re looking forward to what next week may bring?!

Piecefully, Pam


Filed under Quilting

3 responses to “The colors

  1. Janet

    Butterflies do love zinnias, coneflowers and
    passion vines. Great pix. Yes, those colors
    would be great in a quilt.

  2. What a gorgeous photo. I read from Jinny Beyer once that she pixellated photos like that for colours and amounts of them in quilts. Inspiration is all around us if we care to look.

  3. Those colors are just luscious! I say you give it a go!

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