Making our own

choices.  That’s what Scott and I have done.  For those who know me, have been following along or are asking questions…here’s the story.  For the past 18 months my job has been a roller coater ride.  Due to the economy, my position is about to be eliminated.  Scott and I have always said, “If anything happens to either of our jobs that will be the impetus to move to the Beach.”  However, I have heard my Mom tell me for 46 years, “You can’t live at the Beach.”  And the litany of reasons would follow.

Brave or stupid…?!  Knowing that at the end of 2010 I will be out of a job we took the risk and bought a home at the Beach.  Smart or crazy…?!

We have looked, hunted and researched for the past 5+ years.  Which Beach? How far south?  Where?  How close is too close?  How far is too far?

Eventually, the Beach home will become our primary permanent residence.  This is a BIG investment!!!  Financially and otherwise.  We tried to be educated smart consumers.  Quite honestly, it took a LOT of moxy and hutzpah to make this commitment!!!

So, we decided to turn a bad situation around.  Use it to our advantage.  And make wise and calculated decisions based on ALL the data we had collected.

That said, I was offered a new job.  : )  Locally!!!  Didn’t see THAT coming.  At least I know I can make a mortgage payment now.  So, we will be staying local, butwe have a home at the Beach.  NEVER in a million years did I believe anything like this could happen.  But, guess what?  It DID!!!  And, we’re NOT telling my Mom.

Thank you to everyone who has said a prayer, sent an encouraging word and supported me during my mysterious posts.  Now that the work thing has been resolved, I am able to share what’s been going on in our home.  Hugs and love to each of you.  Truly!

Pieceefully, Pam


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11 responses to “Making our own

  1. Pam,
    That is so cool!! I’d love to do the exact same thing. Isn’t it great when dreams come true?

  2. How wonderful! I am so excited for you! I’m a firm believer that when a door closes a window opens, and you have to take the chance and go through that window! Who knows what opportunites might lie there?

  3. I’ve been wondering what your big surprise would be? Congratulations on the beach home! Enjoy! 🙂

  4. Cathy D

    So…sew happy for you!! Have fun this weekend!!

  5. HOW exciting Pam… really truly exciting and I’m excited for you on your new venture!

  6. Marion

    What good news! Congratulations. Sometimes you CAN have your cake and eat it too;-)

  7. I’m so glad it worked out! Congratulations to you for having the courage to buy your house near the beach! It looks adorable and it’s great you were able to find another job so quickly.

  8. Wonderful! Ya know, it’s the things that you DON’T do that you regret most when you look back on your life. Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda….
    Now, just make sure that the beach becomes the part of life you WANT it to be…not the part that it should have been if you hadn’t been too busy leading your suburban ‘other’ life!
    Best of luck~~Penny

  9. Never let go of our dreams. You two didn’t and now it’s come true, excellent decision I say. I’d adore living by a beach, what a lot of fun you’re going to have. Congratulations on the job coming through too.

  10. Kim

    Congrats to you! Don’t you “love” those “wise words of advice” we get from our mothers. UGH! My mother keeps trying to crush my dream of no longer being a slave to corporate America and doing something creative to aid in the household budget. It’s very frustrating when she says things like “You can NOT quit your job.” or “You HAVE to keep working.” It’s like she’s trying to implant her fear upon me. Very frustrating. And good for you for buying a home and planning to live at the beach!!! :o)

  11. Donna

    Wow–Congratulations! I’ve always thought a house near the beach would be a dream–it’s great that you made your dream come true!

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