Turning a house into a


Our new "house" on the 27th of August...?!

Our new "home" on the 6th of September!!! : )

8/28 house?!

9/5 HOME!!! : )

There is still PLENTY to do!  Don’t get me wrong. But, at least we made a dent this LABOR Day weekend!!!

Piecefully, Pam

P.S.  As you have probably guessed, there has been NO sewing.  I do have AWESOME fabric on order to make curtains though.  Just wait ’til you see it…!?!?!?  ; )



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10 responses to “Turning a house into a

  1. Congratulations on your dream come true! How exciting to be at the beach!

    Thanks for your kind comments on my lollypop trees and the glorious applique blog. It is such fun!

  2. Consuelo

    The Incredibles have turned into Ma and Pa Kettle.


  3. Oh, that’s such a lovely photo of Mr and Mrs Piecefully on the porch!

  4. Your new home looks amazing, Pam!
    A very different architecture than our house in Europe and surely in Belgium (we love red bricks here and stairs:)))
    I love this kind of architecture!
    Our house is still in “construction/renovation” because my husband built it all alone by himself during all his holidays and week-ends and it took 4 years…
    We live in our house since 1 year and occupy only 2/3 of it (the rest is still under construction/renovation). It’s not easy every day since I’m a bit “esthete” but we need “quality time” and my husband is also a bit tired;)
    In the meantime, we live outside the city (!) and our 4,5 years old Sweetie can run in a biiiiig garden:)
    I wish you GOOD LUCK in your new house, Pam!!!

  5. Leigh Anne

    Congrats, Pam and Scott! Many happy times together in your new home! AWESOME 🙂

  6. Cathy D

    I am so happy for you!! Nothing but the best for you and Scott.

  7. kathy

    So cool, to see the relaxing happening as well, isnt that what its all about ?

  8. becky

    That is *so* sweet! heartfelt congratulations…!!

  9. Looove the last photograph!

  10. Jean Burke

    Wow!!!!! Awesome job – wishing you all the best in this new adventure. It’s just beautiful……piece.

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