This week in


Jingle in the Atlantic Ocean!









This is what "surfing" means at the Beach...









Need I say more?!








Thanks, Marianne AND Karen!!! ; )










Beach curtains...FUN!!!


glueing tiny/thin vines










And, who couldn't use a little Hearts and Flowers, AND LOVE...?!?!?!













End of the season zinnias still make me smile!












Thank you ALL for your kindness and comments.  Things continue to evolve and change in our households.  It’s all good.  Just new.  The chaos is stress producing.  More changes ahead…!

Piecefully, Pam




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5 responses to “This week in

  1. What a wonderful week!
    And such a lovely declaration in the sand:)

  2. I love, love your curtains, not to mention your block which has such a great background colour. It’s nice to see scenes of the beach and imagine you guys there.

  3. I saw your block on Glorious Applique and noticed you were doing it by machine applique. Are you turning under 1/4 inch and just using a straight stitch?

  4. Cathy

    So happy to see you blogging. Love the pictures…thanks for sharing. Love the curtains.

  5. kathy

    OH, so love the curtains….;)

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