Two mornings in

a row…

Tuesday morning the coffee pot said, “ERROR3” when I returned my empty cup to the kitchen, AFTER sewing two different applique borders TOGETHER!!!  BlUe WoRdS.  I spent my lunch time UN-stitching said borders.

Wednesday morning.  The coffee pot beeped?!  I heard it!!!  That husband IS a gem.  : )  I hadn’t programmed the coffee maker before tucking in Tuesday night.  Joy!  I get to the kitchen.  ERROR2 greets me.  Uh oh, NO coffee.  Are you kidding me?!  What a mean trick.  Guess what?  BlUe WoRdS.  Again.  OK, tea and NO sewing this morning for sure!  Just prep work.  On my way home from work I’ll be buying a coffee maker.

Thursday morning.  There’s COFFEE.  : )  Blessed coffee!  And, sewing…without ripping!!!  Ah, it’s a GOOD day.  And, tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!

Here’s hoping your day is a smooth brew, sewing and sunshine.  ; )

Piecefully, Pam



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4 responses to “Two mornings in

  1. Unstitching is the worst! I am always amazed that how at some point did I not notice what I was doing? I’m with Mari love WAWA coffee and hoagies!

  2. Must have coffee, especially important in the morning. I’d be heading to the nearest coffeee shop for a fix.

  3. Mari

    You make me Smile 🙂 Maybe, you should go to WAWA on your way to work….

  4. Jean Burke

    Some things need immediate attention! Wishing you many, many cups of error-free coffee!!!! Piece….

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