In our home

pumpkin carving is very serious business…





































May your home be filled with HaPpY HaLlOwE’eN fUn!!!

Piecefully, Pam



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6 responses to “In our home

  1. Jean Burke

    So funny – the series of pictures makes it look like Scott is doing all the work and Jingle is taking credit for the finished product! Piece….

  2. I miss that now! Moving from New York to The Netherlands, meant missing out on some of the best holidays! The pumpkin looks great!

  3. Hi pam, gosh those pumkins will amazing when they are lit up in the evenings!

  4. Crispy

    A wonderful pumpkin!!! I always made mine the same way, buy a tall skinny pumpkin, carve a startled look on it’s face, stick some pipe cleaners in the top for hair and call ‘er done :0)


  5. Wow!! Very impressive pumpkin carving!

  6. The pumpkin is neat!! Glad you got the coffee pot problem straightened out. Can’t start a day without coffee. Love the beach curtains. Looks like a great place to get away.

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