Another new

adventure.  Monday I start a new, new job.  This will be unlike anything I’ve done in the past.  I am excited about this opportunity, but nervous too.  Just ask my chin…two zits.  Am I really 15 again…?!

In preparation for all the new-ness, I am getting things in order here at home. Important things.  I laundered the pet fur off ten curtains so far!  And, by the looks of the lint trap, I think I discovered we have more than one dog and one cat?!  Originally, when I hung the curtains I used hemming tape.  So guess what?  Yep.  All ten curtains needed to be hemmed.

I changed the slipcovers on the sofa too.  The old ones…needed to be laundered! Tomorrow?  The chaise lounges are next!

The correct width of fabric was delivered from Hancock’s for my Beach crab curtain project.  I cut six lengths, and got them laundered.  My washer is finally getting a break, and it’s only ten P.M.

Scott finished the painting the walls in the foyer, up the stairs and the hallway.  We removed all the blue painter’s tape – hOoRaY!!!  We’re pleased with the color. That always feels nice, when you can step back and say, “Yeh, I like that color.”  We hung art and stuff back on the walls!  : )  And, we bought a new piece too.

Meanwhile, I will no longer be wearing scrubs or casual wear to work.  Executive business attire is required.  That meant shopping.  I have Monday’s and Tuesday’s clothes selected, pressed and ready.  After that it’s a crap shoot…?!

So, I got:  >the garden beds in order and the water reservoir stowed, >patio furniture away, and the garage ready for parking the car, >the car went in for its 80,000 mile check-up, oil change and recall, >the Swiss chard has been picked, >I picked and dried – parsley, sage and thyme.  No, no rosemary…yet!

Is it soon time for bed…!?!?!?

By the time I sit down, my eyes are too blurry to sew.  Somehow that just doesn’t seem right.  I declined a sewing weekend with my Bee Girls. It seemed more sensible/prudent to start the new, new week prepared.  I’m beginning to rethink that.  Is it too late…?!

Tomorrow is a another new day!  ; )

Piecefully, Pam



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3 responses to “Another new

  1. kathy

    pam—Good luck, all the butterflies of yesteryear have come back. And who said you wont be young again. 🙂

  2. Crispy

    I’m tired just reading this post Pam!! Congrats on the new job and new beginnings, I know you will shine :0)


  3. Wow Pam, congrats on the new job, I wish you all the best for Monday morning, but you sound so organised you should be great. Look forward to hearing all about it. xo

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