WINTER has arrived with a GUST!!! Walking Jingle has been chilly indeed!  I am easily distracted by the cold simply by admiring the myriad of neighborhood Holiday decorations.  It’s a visual feast.  Good for the soul too!  How magical…pleasing…joy filled!!!

I had off yesterday and enjoyed a bit of sewing time.  See…











May your Holiday Season be filled with peace and magic…

Holiday Hugs, Pam



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8 responses to “Peace.

  1. Jan

    Love to see the snow. It is hot here as we are into our summer and about 36 degrees today. Australia is very hot at this time of the year.
    Great work Pam, and I hope your peace continues.

  2. Dolores

    Pam – I love this, the snowmen are adorable. That went together really fast. I can’t wait to see it in person. I’m glad your new job is going well.

  3. It’s together!! And it looks great Pam. I love how it’s snowing on the snowmen.

  4. Love all those cute snowmen!!!

  5. Lori

    Pam…your quilt looks great! Glad to hear from you. Hope all is well and we see you soon. Oh…did I tell you I was quilting with my “C” FM foot recently. I had put it in the china closet (a safe place) when you returned it to me while all the construction was going on!!!! I knew I ‘d find it.

  6. This is lovely and festive!

  7. kathy

    This is great……………and the snow is wonderful….can we put this on our desktops?

  8. Jean Burke

    Pam – this is awesome!! Love it – it just says fun! Can’t wait to see it in person….you must be pleased. Piece….love the snow too – no need to shovel.

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