The passing

of one of the best souls I have ever known.  It happened this evening.  I knew it was coming.  She had fought breast cancer for more than fifteen years.  She was a warrior and a pioneer.  People will live because of what she has given.

She was a patient at Fox Chase.  A part of their experimental programs and testing for over five years.  She never complained.  Ever.  She had been the soul survivor from her original test groups, for more than two years.

She knew her end was coming.  I feel certain, she welcomed it.  There was nothing more Fox Chase could offer her.

I had glimpses of her hell.  As a Nurse, I was witness to some of what she experienced.  She was a remarkable human being.  She had an amazing spirit and a bright light.  Her fortitude and bravery was greater than any I have ever seen.

She is at peace.  Finally.  I love her still.  I was blessed to know her.  Please, say a prayer for her and her family.  Thank you.

Piecefully, Pam


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8 responses to “The passing

  1. Lee Nolan

    Dear Pam,
    Deepest sympathy to you on losing your special friend. The world is blessed by people like you who care so much, like so many of the everyday angels at Fox Chase.

  2. Jan

    Oh Pam so sorry to hear your friend has passed. Sounds like she was a remarkable woman.


  3. Consuelo

    So sorry to hear about your friend Pam.

  4. What a lovely tribute to your friend. We are indeed blessed when we are touched by special people.

  5. Thanks Pam, for letting us know her a little bit too. It’s a better world because of souls like these. I also wish peace and comfort to her family and to you.

  6. Jean Burke

    Pam – what a lovely tribute to a very special woman. People like that – who make us want to be a better person just by the way they live their life – they are true gifts from God. How lucky you are to have known her. I wish you and her family peace.

  7. What a terrible loss for all who knew her I am sure. May her spirit live on in the good memories of her life even through the suffering and pain. Prayers for you and her family.

  8. Crispy

    I’m sorry for your loss Pam. You were truly blessed to have known her.


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