Piecefully. At the Beach.

I hope 2012 has been fabulous for you thus far, and that it continues to be a wonderful year!  We are well and happy; Scott, me, Shelby and Jingle too.  : )

I tell Scott, “Today is the BEST day of my life!”, and I mean it.  Making this change and living life at the Beach has been better than I ever hoped or imagined!  We live our dream every day.

At the end of our morning walk I stoop down and whisper to Jingle, “Thank you for coming to the Beach with me this morning.”  Jingle had a major impact on us landing here!  It was because of him that we first vacationed here.  You can learn a lot from a dog…you just need to take the time to listen.  ; )  A dog also teaches you to live in the moment.  Life is good.  Really good.

We have met with the architect.  We are eagerly awaiting our next meeting!  He is a graduate of Taliesin.  We are interested in midcentury modern and industrial design.  It will be amazing to develop this space into a joined studio/office space.  Patience is a virtue!

studio space...!?

Meanwhile, we have been busy settling into our home and finding new rhythms and routines.  I have done a few small sewing projects.  Most of those have been gifts and I cannot share the pix here!  I have a desire to do some garment sewing for me.  I have been looking at retro patterns and would REALLY like to stitch up some cool little dresses and longish tunics…

Also, I am cross training at work.  My job is SO amazing, and I am ever so grateful to be able to work from home.  I must admit though, after eight hours a day on the computer, I am not inclined to blog nor surf the web.

With all of this in mind, I will be taking a break from blogging.  You may certainly email me if you’d like.  Know that we are well and seriously twinkle toe delighted kitchen dancing happy!!!  I hope you are too!  If not, work towards it!!!  It is SO worth the effort.  ❤

Piecefully, Pam

P.S. just a few “fun” pix in closing…

Sandpipers along the surf.

Tall ship coming into dock.

Emma's blankets and sock monkey.

new *bitchin'* chairs in the living room!!! it's how the delivery guy described them : )

Rocco and Jingle on the Winter Beach ❤

Harbor of Refuge lighthouse and walking the point.

Across the canal...

Scott's homemade lasagna! : D

Breakwater lighthouse



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4 responses to “Piecefully. At the Beach.

  1. Cathy

    Pam – we sew, so miss you, but I am sew, so happy for you and Scott and Jingle and Shelby too. Thanks for the pictures!!

  2. Consuelo

    Love hearing the happiness in your post!! Especially love the Jingle license plate 🙂 Miss ya.

  3. Lori

    Pam..so glad to hear you are all doing well and enjoying the move to the beach!

  4. Jean Burke

    OY!….Looks so nice! Thanks for sharing the pictures……enjoy the upcoming spring! Piece….

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