Applique bridging.

This is a technique I use when I have an applique shape with a deep plunging inner curve or crevasse.  When cutting out the applique shape, I do not cut the fabric out of or away from that plunge.  When I am stitching this particular applique shape, I stitch on one side of the crevasse and then the other.  Once both sides have been stitched and are stabilized, then I cut one side of the plunge and leave a seam allowance.  Now, I’m ready to stitch that deep inner curve!

Here is that deep inner plunge. The fabric has not yet been cut away, but both sides of the crevasse have been stitched to stabilize the shape.

One side of the plunge has been cut. The seam allowance will be turned under and appliqued before the curve of the plunge and other side is cut.

Here, the curve of the plunge and other side of the crevasse has been cut. This is the piece that has been removed. Now the curve of the plunge and the far side of the crevasse is ready for stitching!

I use a moistened toothpick to 'sweep' under the raw edges and 'pinch' them between my left thumb and index finger. Ready to stitch!

I hope you find this technique helpful!

Piecefully, Pam

Stitches are being made and this deep inner plunge has maintained it's shape without distortion!

The crevasse is completely appliqued and here is what was cut away during this bridging process.


2 responses to “Applique bridging.

  1. This method makes so much sense, Pam! Having part of a fabric piece ‘flapping in the breeze’ drives me bonkers! Thank you!

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