My “needle” turn hand applique notions/supplies…

These are the items I use when starting my prep work for a new hand applique project or block…

> Reynold’s freezer paper – for making applique templates

> extra fine point Sharpie marker – to draw applique shapes on the freezer paper.  Or, to trace a duplicate of the original design onto exam table paper.

> mechanical pencil with .7mm lead – to trace around the template onto the RIGHT side of my fabrics.  To trace my design onto the background fabric.

> serrated scissors – to cut applique shapes from fabric and > paper scissors – to cut out the freezer paper templates

> leather or (PDF) thimble – to preserve the integrity of my fingertip as I sew

> Mettler 60/2 cotton thread – because it “melts” into my applique shapes, is readily available and comes in a variety of colors

> Purple Thang – it’s my “perfect” tool…stiletto, 1/4 inch measurer, and SEW much more!!!

> John James Gold’nGlide applique needles

> Thread Heaven – conditions my thread to prevent fraying, twisting, knots and breaking

> a sand paper folder – to prevent fabric distortion as I trace around templates

> small portable ironing surface and an iron

> Karen Kay Buckley’s Perfect Circles and Perfect Stems

> poster putty – to keep my pattern and fabric in place as I trace.  Doesn’t leave a residue, is reusable and won’t tear or damage a pattern

> Magic Sizing and a childs paint brush

> a “fancy” tooth pick – because I can not use a needle to do “needle turn applique”  The tooth pick provides much greater control and ease when I stitch!

> Elmer’s (black label) School Glue

>Self threading needles

*Zoom in and look at the metal tip to the lower left of my glue bottle.  That’s from Sharon Schamber and it is perfect!!!  I learned this technique when taking a class with her.  It eliminates the need for applique pins, basting stitches, back basting, or using a glue stick!!!

**You will also need your pattern and fabric, of course!  ; )

You may wish to see my step by step trace to prep tutorial too…

And, my hand applique process


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