Going In Circles Part II

For the borders of my Flower Pots quilt I made “circle units”.  Each of the four borders has ten LARGE circles and ten smaller circles hand appliqued.  Rather then appliqueing the ten LARGE circles to a border and then going back and hand appliqueing the ten smaller circles on top of those LARGE circles  I constructed circle-circle units.

This is how I did it…off the border, I appliqued the ten smaller circles to the ten LARGE circles.  I then took those ten “circle units” and glue basted them to my border, then hand appliqued them in place.  It meant handling the border ten less times – times four borders. That’s forty less times I needed to handle those long, narrow borders.  I followed my Going In Circles tutorial to make ALL of the circles needed for this quilt.  I used the glue basting technique I learned from Sharon Schamber.

LARGE and smaller circles

Glue basting a smaller circle onto a LARGE circle.

Heat set and ready to hand applique the smaller circle to the LARGE circle

Many "circle units" prepped and awaiting hand applique!

"Circle units" glue basted onto border - ready for hand applique

Here is what a hand appliqued "circle unit" looks like from the back of the border.

Auditioning circle border with my Flower Pots quilt top.


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