Curved piecing

and splitting the atom…  While I didn’t do my usual Free Motion Thursday last evening, I did try something new.  Something I’ve been thinking about for some time now.  I’m REALLY good at that.  Just t-h-i-n-k-i-n-g about something.  In my mind I can make it seem nearly impossible.  Then finally, it comes down to Nike, “Just DO it!!!”.  So…sew I’m giving curved piecing a try.  Not the harsh curves in a Drunkards Path or New York Beauty, but soft, undulating, organic curves.  I DID it!!!  : )  It wasn’t that hard.  Whew!  And, guess what?  I kinda even liked it.  I’ll be doing more…

Then, I have been eyeing the Joseph’s Coat quilt along.  Hmmm???  I like it but, I can’t commit.  Plus, I’d want to use those petals in a different kind of application.  Alright.  I got out some paper and a compass.  Now it seemed like a math class.  DON’T think about it, just draw circles for goodness sake!!!  Well, I found the right size, after making three circle templates.  And, I’ve begun making those petals…it’s a bit like splitting the atom.

I thought the curved pieing would be the challenge and the petal making would go easy.  It’s the other way around.  So, while I didn’t fmq, I was practicing and learning new things!  Old dog, new tricks!?  ; )  Yep!

Hey, TGIF and have a FABulous weekend!!!  Especially if you’re going to the AQC…!?

curved piecing and petals...

Piecefully, Pam



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4 responses to “Curved piecing

  1. Lovely petals! I’m looking forward to seeing this project!

  2. I love the petals, they look very small, are they? That’s another project I’ve neglected but it’ll have to wait a little bit longer. I did a class that included how to do the curved strips, it’s so liberating and fun.

    • sewpam63

      Yes, they are small. That’s why it’s like splitting the atom. They’re a slender, scant 2 inch long petal. And, for a girl, I have big hands…I can palm a basket ball and reach an octave + 2 keys on the piano. Small petals.

  3. Love your Kaffey petals Pam, they will be fabulous. I haven’t touched mine for ages, must get back to them. xo

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